February Airdrop is ended

Colony Wars Crypto
1 min readMar 2, 2022

You can check your reward here:

What have we done and will we do?
- We have completed our negotiations for the audit.
- Farming system is ready. You can stake after launchpad.
- Rewards will be sent to wallets as soon as the launchpad is finished. This is to prevent the uncontrolled addition of liquid to DEXs.
- Almost all models are ready for the first stage of the game. There are 729 different mining drones. Box prices will be shared after launchpad.
- The first phase of the game will be released 1 month after launchpad.
- We will make IGO after the Launchpad is finished.

- Token Airdrop / We will distribute Tokens to the 20 most referrals.
- Beta Event / There will be an open beta for the 50 people who bring the most references / the 50 people we will give by drawing / and the active members we choose

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twitter: https://twitter.com/colonywars
telegram: https://t.me/colonywars



Colony Wars Crypto

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